About Us

Our mission is to help home buyers make informed decisions ultimately feeling confident in a decision that sometimes may last a lifetime.
Findyourneighbourhood is our first step in helping consumers make a truly informed decisions in the 21st century
We believe that buying a home is more then selecting a house. It’s about the lifestyle you will thrive in whether it’s a bustling city or the quiet of a suburb. Its about the neighbourhood conveniences that you value whether it’s close proximity to schools, park or grocery store. And more importantly its about people that you will be calling neighbours whether its young families that you want your family to grow with or French/Hindi/Urdu language speaking community that allows your parents to belong too. You don’t choose your siblings, but you can choose thy neighbours (A lil Shakespeare for you!).
With find yourneighbourhood we created just that. A tool that allows you to pick a neighbourhood first, gives you all the in-outs of that neighbourhood in terms of lifestyle, schools, transit, dog friendliness, average income, languages spoken and much more (You get the idea!). Once you have narrowed down a few neighbourhoods, you can then look at the listings in those neighbourhoods or select on the top real estate agents in those neighbourhoods to help you select a house.
Findyourneighbourhood was founded in 2020 by Schulich roommates Akash and Anit. Going through their own home buying journey left them craving for more out of the process. As a result of their journey, they decided to tackle on the opaque world of Canadian real estate. Findyourneighbourhhod is their first humble step in turning the tables in consumer’s favour. The founders are excited for the day when they can present you with an end-to-end solution on every single aspect of home buying. A solution that will hopefully leave you content and not craving for more on your biggest purchase of life.